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Sadykov Zhenis Abzhanovich

Ph.D., Associate Professor




Address: 160000, Shymkent, Tauke   Khan, 5, Faculty of building, mechanical engineering and transport.
Phone:  8(7252) 21-19-78
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General information
The construction faculty is organized in 1943 as institute of technology of construction materials on the basis of the Kharkov polytechnical institute. Laboratories of faculty are equipped with all necessary equipment and rooms for carrying out at high level of laboratory, practical and research works, both for students, and for teachers of faculty that allows to prepare the competitive qualified professionals. Scientific researchers have conducted at faculty in common with students, undergraduates and doctoral candidates allow to solve a number of important problems in the sphere of improvement and production of economic construction materials with using of various waste of the industry and sub-standard raw materials, to settle an invoice and design of buildings and constructions, a construction of roads and airfields. Design of buildings and constructions are conducted with use of the latest computer technologies, achievements in the field of alternative power engineering take root at construction and operation of buildings and constructions. Created methods on calculation and durability of materials, elements of designs which are developed.  Works on the organization are carring out, providing and safety of traffic, to increase of reliability and wear resistance of automobile units. Teachers and students of faculty have conducted works on design of fast-erected buildings and affordable housing. Students of our faculty became winners and prize-winners of the various scientific Olympic Games and competitions of various level.
The main pupose of faculty is high-quality training of specialists which will be demanded today and in the future. Educational activity of faculty is directed on preparation of the qualified experts on the basis of integration's science and education with using of modern control systems, interactive methods and techniques of the training, allowing to provide high quality of educational process.
On the faculty works 7 chairs of highly qualified specialists.  Nowdays the faculty includes 162 teachers, 12 doctors of science and professors, 81 candidates of science.  
Student's life
Every year the contingent of students grows in all forms of education . All of them are provided with fund of educational and methodical literature, computer classes and the software, sufficient classroom fund. At the disposal of students - gyms, stadiums and swimming pools.




5B042000 – "Architecture"
Qualification: "Bachelor of architecture"
Term of training of 5 years.

Sphere of activity of graduates:
design, construction organizations and departments;
production and technological organizations;
pedagogical in professional educational institutions, normal schools of an architectural and construction profile;
design organizations and departments: design of city and villages' parks, small architectural forms, gardening elements, exposition spaces, interiors of residential, public and production buildings.
 5B071300 - "Transport, transport equipment and technologies"
1 . "Cars and automobile economy"
2 . "Car service and firm service"
Qualification: "Bachelor of transport"
Sphere of activity of the graduate:
Motor transportation enterprises;
Car repair plants;
The enterprises and the organizations which are carrying out operation of transport equipment;
Design-technology and scientific organizations;
Marketing and forwarding services;
Engineering plants and enterprises of car repair;
Systems of material support, management service  of transport;
Enterprises and organizations of an automobile complex in any forms of ownership;
Bodies of transport inspection and customs service.
5B072900 – "Construction"
1 . "Technology of industrial and civil engineering"
2 . "Calculation and design of buildings and constructions"
3 . "Construction of gas and oil pipelines and oil storages"
4 . "Construction of roads and airfields"
5 . "Water supply and sewerage"
Qualification: "Bachelor of construction"
Sphere of activity of the graduate:
Organizations and enterprises for design and construction of buildings;
Design and research institutes;
Construction organizations and enterprises;
Construction educational institutions;
Town-planning committees;
Municipal structures;
Administrations and construction departments at various levels of management;
Road-building and road organizations;
Road managements and services;
Land committees and municipal structures;
Regional, city and regional bases of supply by oil, gas and coal;
Oil and gas-processing refineries;
Enterprises for production, transportation and storage of oil, gas and coal.
design-technology and scientific organizations;
marketing and construction services;
Enterprises systems of water supply and water disposal.
Heatpower centers;
Hydroelectric power stations;
The gas-heatsupplying enterprises;
Enterprises for design, construction and management of heating mains, gas pipelines and gas-holders;
Departments on protection of water and air pools;
Enterprises for design, construction and management internal and external engineering communication and hydrounits.
5B090100 - "The organization of transportations, movements and transport operation"
1 . "Traffic organization"
2 . "The organization of transportations and management on the main Railway transport"
3 . "The organization of transportations and management on the motor transport"
Qualification: "Bachelor of transport"
Sphere of activity of the graduate:
Organizations of management of traffic;
The organizations of transportations and management on the main railway transport;
The organizations of transportations and management on the motor transport;
Regional governing bodies of transport and state transport inspection;
Enterprises of transport and organizations;
Expert establishments on safety of traffic;
Bodies of transport inspection and customs service.
5B073000 – "Production of construction materials, a product and a design"
Specialization: Production of ferroconcrete and ceramic materials
Qualification: "Bachelor of production in constructional materials"
Sphere of activity of the graduate:
Production plants ferroconcrete product;
Combine of construction materials;
State standard on testing of construction materials;
State examination by determination of quality of construction materials.
5B073100 – "Health and safety and environment protection"
Qualification: "The bachelor of equipment and technology on health and safety and environment protection"
Sphere of activity of the graduate: Structural divisions on an emergency, fire divisions, the organizations on operation of the equipment and the devices uniting health and safety and environment protection, branches of rural's economy  and municipal services and reserves; the organizations on regulation, use and protection of water resources; research institutes, educational institutions.
                The bachelor can continue training in a magistracy in the chosen direction and the master program which is equitable to its professional interests and plans, and in 2 years to receive degree of the master.
                 The faculty "Construction and transport" makes preparation of undergraduates on the following specialties:
  6M042000 - Architecture.
  6M071300 - Transport, transport equipment and technology;
  6M072900 - Construction;
  6M073000 - Production of construction materials, a product and a design.
  6M073100 – "Health and safety and environment protection"
          Students of our faculty have opportunity to be trained on military chair and to receive a military rank.
           For specialties 5B071300, 5B072900, 5B073000, 5B073100, 5B090100 to the 4th tested subjects the physics (a specialist subject - mathematics) is. To enter specialty – 5B042000 have tests on disciplines: history of Kazakhstan, Kazakh or Russian and 2 creative examinations - drawing and composition.
References can be received by phones:
Dean of faculty
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Sadykov Zhenis Abzhanovich 87252-21-19-78
Head of the department "Architecture"
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Imanaliyev Kuanysh Eraliyevich 87252 - 30-02-53
Head of the department "Transport and organization of transportations"
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Usipbekov Usen Asylbekovich 87252 - 30-02-53
Head of the department"Industrial, civil and road builds."
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Usenkulov Zhenisbek Amantayevich 87252-21-23-18
Head of the department "Technology of construction materials, products and designs"
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Kopzhasarov Bakhadyr Tastanbekovich 87252-21-23-18
Head of the department "Health and safety and environment protection"
Cand.Tech.Sci., associate professor Naukenova Aygul Sayndykovna 87252 - 21-46-07