Chief of the department
Imanaliev Kuanish Eralievich
Candidate of technical sciences degree


Imanaliev Kuanysh Eraliyevich was born on July 21, 1969, in the former district, Kyzylkum desert, currently Otyrar district, village of Aktobe.

In 1986 he graduated silver medal honor roll from high school "October" district Bogen.

In 1992 Imanaliev Kuanysh Ergalievich after graduating with honors KAZ CTI-TA specialty "Industrial and civil construction", in 1993 he started his career as lecturer and later senior lecturer in the Institute of the Department "Construction technologies and organizations".

1993-1997 studied at the graduate of the correspondence Department of the Kazakh CTI-TA. 2007 he defended the degree of Candidate technical Sciences on the theme: "Technology of production of granular slag bran arbolite and description of quality."

In 2009-2011 worked as a research fellow of the research Institute and the University part of the "Architecture and construction", and in 2011-2013, as the Deputy Dean of the faculty "Construction and transport".

Imanaliev K. E. actively participated social work of the University. 1995-2003 he was Chairman of the chair, "Construction engineering and transport", in 2003-2007, Deputy Chairman of the trade Union Committee of the University. Several times he was elected delegate to meeting of trade unions, regional and national level, protecting the interests of Union members.

Working as the chief of staff of student construction brigades at the regional level, led Imanaliyev E. K. building group annually occupied prize-winning 1st and 2nd places in national competitions among higher educational institutions.

From June 2014 Imanaliyev K. E., was appointed head of the Department "Architecture" of the faculty "Construction and transport".

Among the scientific and pedagogical work has 51 scientific papers, 16 teaching materials, 5 patents CU. For achievements in the field of science and education awarded honorary diplomas of the international festival of of the Council of Rectors of the university of MES of the RK, Committee of trade unions and the University.

Address: 160012. SKR, Shymkent, the Avenue Tauke Khan 5, M. Auezov SKSU, building "B", 4th floor, faculty "Construction and Transport", Department of "Architecture". 
Phone:   8(7252) 30-02-53,  

Teachers' staff

General information

The Department of "Architecture" is the structural part of the multidisciplinary institutions of higher education of M.Auezov SKSU, here is a information system ISVUZ controlling the educational process, implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2000 and in compliance with the international standards of mass quality management IQNet.

The Department "Architecture" at the faculty "Construction and Transport" respectively, the Declaration of Bologna is actively implementing the state policy in the field of education.

According to the system of undergraduate specialty 5B042000 – Architecture, 2004-2005, work began on retraining, the same year the Department implemented a two-stage system of training: bachelor-master.

Currently, the Department prepares specialists on credit technologies of education, which takes into account all the interests of students, provided their needs of education, organized a competition between teachers, the student has the right to choose a discipline of study and the teacher, students develop their interests in self-exploratory activities, full assistance and uses innovative methods various types of control. In addition, the Department carries out basic, scientific-practical, scientific-pedagogical and educational research, provides information and advice to companies, organisations and introducing innovative technology in the educational process.

Department mission: to Prepare competent student-professional, modern, competitive, highly skilled personnel and ensure quality improvement of human capital in the field of the construction of putum development innovatsionnoi scientific-educational environment.

Future goals: to Prepare professionals who are able to use new materials, technologies, innovative methods in the design and construction industry organizations, competitive, knowledgeable in many languages, the relevant specialists for the modern labor market in the construction sector.

Areas of work

The development of work programs on spec.the courses and also the basis of standard programs, making changes and additions to the work programmes in different disciplines.

-Educational work of students, the implementation of supervision in academic groups;

-Management of research work of students, educational, industrial and predegree practices in different courses;

-Implementation of complex methodological support of disciplines in Kazakh and Russian languages;

-Participation of teachers in research work, scientific-methodical seminars.

Educational work

Educational work is an essential component of the educational activities of the Department and is carried out continuously both in the course of academic work, and in extracurricular time.

Planning, organization and conduct of educational work at the faculty is based on the requirements of the law "On higher and postgraduate professional education", orders and instructions of the rector of the University, the local normative acts of the University. Direct organization of the educational activities carried out by the Vice-rector for educational work.

Students take an active part in the social life of the Department, faculty and University. A huge role in the professional education of young people play activities on professional orientation of future highly qualified specialists.

Research work

Scientific conference is an event designed for the exchange of experience of the staff and decision-making of common issues. On the basis of work experience, you can analyze the effectiveness of such a collection of young professionals dedicated to the science of architecture.

In the ongoing conferenec you can see the literacy in the sphere of architecture, young researchers and students from the content of the reports. In order to attract to the conference many of the students of the Department twice a year organises conferences on topical issues of architectural science to young researchers

The best research work of the Department are directed to the participation of national, CIS countries, and the Almaty competitions, for implementation in industry innovation works in collaboration with the Technopark of South-Kazakhstan and work is under way to provide copyright certificates and patents, and for the construction of experimental models of the building.

Regional Technopark of SKR

The city Olympic Games in a subject "Plotting" Among schoolboys

There was already kind tradition a carrying out in SKSU of M.Auezova of the city Olympic Games among schoolboys on plotting. The Olympic Games are spent by chair «Engineering drawing» for the purpose of prompting of interest to the given subject as to one of base elements in formations of the engineer.

18-March, 2017 the city Olympic Games among schoolboys of the senior classes in a subject "Plotting" have been spent. On the Olympic Games 175 pupils over 50 schools of the Kazakh and Russian languages of training participated. Preliminary themes of problems have been distributed schoolboys.

Career guidance

Career guidance – activities aimed at training young people to select their relevant specialty. Through conducting proforientatsionnoe work rests with the students requirements for their choice of professions, requires interest in this specialty in a market economy. Vocational work at the Department is conducted in the schools of Shymkent city and oblast. At a meeting with graduates of schools of our teachers talked about a dedicated educational grants in all specialties, rules of admission and exams on creative specialties and provide full information on SKSU M. Auezov. Distributed information booklets, posters, and announce the day and time of the consultation for students.

For graduates

Speciality: Architecture.

Professional activities - 5B042000 bachelors in the specialty "Architecture" may hold the following types of business: designer-engineering; industrial technology; in the medium professional educational institutions in architecture and construction areas, and administrative managers of the relevant Departamento or can continue training in magistracy of specialnosti "Architecture" of higher education institutions of Kazakhstan and abroad.

Internship students

Programme of Architectural education, signed a number of contracts advanced architectural organizations of the city, region and Republic. To date, the Department has signed contracts with 17 industrial organizations.

1. Too "Tan - 1", Shymkent city.

2. LLP "AES - Bek," the city of Shymkent.

3. LLP "Laboratoryrostislav", Shymkent.

4. LLP "Otau Stroy", Shymkent.

5. "Architectural and construction management of Kazakhstan", Shymkent city.

6. "Architectural-building Department of the city," the city of Shymkent.

7. LLP "Astana LRS Plast", the city of Astana.

8. Samarkand architecture and construction University.

9. LLP "Kala Kurylys-LBC", the city of Shymkent.

10. Regional technology Park of South Kazakhstan region, Shymkent city.

11. LLP "sitti", Shymkent.

12. Too "Modern Project", the city of Shymkent.

13. Too "Sunny", city Shymkent.

14. NPK "Archidea", Shymkent.

15. LLP "Conti-system", Shymkent.

16. LLP "THEMSELVES", the city of Shymkent.

17. LLP "YUKS-engineering and" Shymkent.


The necessity and effectiveness of maintenance practices unpk specialty

The need of graduates in the labour market is the most important indicator of the quality of education. Every year as aid held a job fair for the graduates. This armart interested employers meet graduates to sobesovice and exchange ideas.

Approximately 95% of graduates after graduation instantly find work in the specialty.

The demand is steadily growing, graduates of the educational program in the labour market. This is confirmed by the increasing pace of modern construction and the demand of employers.

Providing businesses with internship base, in turn, are a regular employer. The number of competent students and undergraduates is growing every day job during the internship.

Work undergraduates.

The content of the training of undergraduates in 6М042000 "Architecture" based normative documents regulated by the Ministry of science and education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the generally accepted State educational standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1080 of 2012 and the normative legal acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

According to the State programme 2011-2020 years the management and development of higher and postgraduate education specialties 6М042000 – "Architecture" is structured by State, the standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 1080 2012, the basis of the European qualifications, consistently with the Dublin descriptor.

Annual growth in demand of graduates in the labour market, provides creative professionalnih skills and interesting skills.

Master's degree graduates can work as researcher, designer–designer, head of a different company for the design of urban construction, a teacher or a researcher school.

Education program 6М042000 – "Architecture" – is the sphere of professional activities of science and technology, design, urban planning, design of multifunctional enterprises and landscapes.