Safety of ability to live and environment protection

Head of the department
Naukenova Aigul Sagyndykovna
Cand.Tech.Sci., the head lecturer
160000, SKR, Shymkent city, Avenue Tauke Khan 5.SKSU named after M.Auezov the bulk №3, 312 «В» 
Office number: 8-707-863-18-81 
Teachers' staff
General data 
        In 2006 the division of department "Life’s safety and ecology" on department «Life’s safety and environmental protection» and 'Ecolcogy' occurs. Now the department trains the bachelors on speciality: 5В073100 «Life safety and environmental protection».
        Since 2006 on department the magistracy on speciality 6N0731 – Life’s safety and environmental protection has been opened. The department has the great scientific-pedagogical potential more than 20 high qualified specialists (1 academician of RK NAS, 2 doctors of technical science, 3 professors, 8 senior lecturers, 12 candidates of science).
        The department has modern material-technical base: three study laboratories with total area 220 м2, hall for course and degree-related working, mobile chemical laboratory, complex laboratory of water, computer class.
Scientific work
        Controling by d.t.s. professor Satayev M.I. the scientific works on the methods of processing of liquid, firm and gas industrial wastes, the scientific works, connected with problems of chemical and oil-refining sewage clearing and water supply for industrial and household needs are carried out.` Some works have the industrial introduction with great economic effect.
        According to department initiative was made the long-term contract with St-Peterburg technical university in the field of educational process and organization of scientific-research work and innovative activity.
        The students of the department actually participate in scientific research work. The results are reported on international, inter-regional, republic university conferences
        Professors Arginbaev D.K. and Suleimenov A.T. carry out the scientific research work in the field of processing of liquid, firm and gas industrial wastes.
        The students of department as the members of student scientific club «Dabil» actually take part in scientific research work of teachers. Their results are regular reported on international, republic and regional conferences.
Scientific direction
        Scientific research work on the department is headed d.t.s. professor Sataev M.I. Scientific research work is connected with on the methods of processing of liquid, firm and gas industrial wastes, with the problems of sewage clearing of phosphorus production, of engineering works, of non-ferrous metallurgy, with the problems of water supply system for industrial and household needs. The results of works have the industrial application with great economic effect.
        32 patents and copyright certificates on devices of water- and gas-clearing have been got.
        At the department the scientific-research project on INTAS in cooperation with England, Belgium, Belarus and Uzbekistan on the theme «Improvement of ecological conditions of Southern-Kazakhstan by clearing the polluted waters and gaseous emissions and for forecasting of a condition of an environment» INTAS PROPOSAL FOR INTAS Collaborative Call with Kazakhstan-Research Project. Environ Monument, Southern-Kazakhstan state university named after M.O.Auezov-Kazakhstan , Kemsing Engineers Limited-United Kingdom, Institute of nuclear physics-Uzbekistan , V.A.Belyi Metal-Polymer Research Institute (MPRI) – Belarus are carried out.
At the department the following state budget scientific-research works are carried out:
        1.Chemistry and technology of resource-saving cements from wastes products of industry.
        2.Utilization of granular phosphorus slags for production of import and export oriented composed nanomaterials and high efficiency prolong mineral ion-exchange fertilizers excluding drainage washing of fields in agrarian sector of RK
        3. Development of technology on processing of off-test raw materials and wastes of chemical industry on products.
        The students of department actually take part in scientific research work. The results are reported on international, inter-regional, republic university conferences and are recommended for industrial introduction.
Our graduates
        For 25 years approximately 1,5 thousand specialists of ecological direction were prepared. Graduates of department work at industrial enterprises of all branches of economy, in municipal services and in organizations on regulating, using and protection of water resources, in regional committees on environmental protection, in scientific-research institutes and universities, in special educational institutes of many cities of RK and Unity of Independent States.
Professor Javier Rodrigo Illarilecturing to PhD doctorals, masters and students speciality 5B073100 «Life safety and environmental protection»
Professor JavierRodrigoIllari and responsible of multilingual education the faculty 5B073100«Construction and transport»Zhumatayeva S.B. at Muzeem SKSU named after M.Auezov 
High academic performance during the training, students of military chair, and good health, officer's rank.
Regional and city Department of emergency situations carry out their activities practical training in the course of training knowledge and is closely. Life safety, environmental protection, protection in emergency situations in the area, directly in this specialty in the field of environmental services.
Students in the learning process 4 years favourable married, libraries, equipped with computers, the campus.
In order to improve their skills, chair of the interactive whiteboard of the latest generation, equipped with new technologies, computer networks and others.Systematically foreign universities, highly qualified teachers, lessons for women.
IX Republican Olympiad, organized by our Department, inter-University 30-31 March 2017. Of the 11 regions of Kazakhstan "basics of fire safety and Life" participated and won prizes in the subjects.
5В073100 – Life safety and environmental protection with a degree of foreign students "in the Global TOP 100 Global TOP – 500" became part of universities, academic education, and knowledge gained in practice, almost oversettere foreign countries.And also the Kazakh and Russian languages, and also has great opportunities for mastering the English language abroad. Education in foreign universities students in the pictures below.

Bright achievement in the Year of Youth

In the third megalopolis in the framework of the state program of the President "Digital Kazakhstan" for the first time a festival of new ideas "U: hack" was held. The team took the second place in the direction of "Cinema and Video" and received a cash prize of 150,000 tenge. It was headed by a third-year student of the specialty "Environmental Protection and Life Safety" of the construction and transport faculty Yerken Bauyrzhan. The video clip shot by our students within 24 hours amazed and showed their results. Congratulations to our students for the first achievement in the Year of Youth!