Technology of building materials, products and designs

Head of the department
Kopzhasarov Bahadir Tastanbekovich
Ph.D., Associate Professor

Address: 160000, Shymkent, Tauke Khan, 5, Department of Building, Engineering and Transport ", Department of Technology of building materials, products and designs."
Phone: 8 (7252) 21-23-18
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        Department "Technology of building materials, components and structures" was organized in KazHTI (now UKGU im.M.Auezova) in 1947. Important role in formation of the Department "Technology of building materials, components and structures" in terms of material equipment, the formation of teachers' pedagogical skills, effective research and development played the established pedagogical tradition, leading from the top of the head of the department who worked at different times.Pedagogical heritage of the Chair Khomutov AA and follow-up: Komarova, NN, Zinkin AM, Sharafievoy Z., Gluhoverova AL, Mamontov, Yu.A., Akhmetov, A., Ismailov, AA carefully stored and used by the department. From its former leaders, now working on it and large contributors to the science and the training should include professors, doctors of technical sciences Akhmetov, ARand Ismailov, AA
        Despite the extremely difficult situation in the transition to a market economy, the Department retained the teaching staff and material-technical base, providing a high level of training of future specialists. Of the 15 teachers 12 teachers with academic rank and degree are assigned to universities g.g.Moskvy, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Almaty.



        Scientists of the department were members of working groups of the National Committee for concrete and reinforced the USSR (Suzev NA, Mamontov YA), were part of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education Commission to verify the other universities (Suzev NA, Baybulekov AB) , a member of the National Educational and Methodological Council on building specialties (Ismailov, AA), were members of council for doctoral and master's theses (Ahmet AR), participated in international scientific conferences and symposia (Sharafieva Z.SH . Komarova, NN, Lysenko, NP, Altaeva SN, AR Akhmetov, AA Ismailov, Temirkulov TT, Mamontov, Yu.A., Kasimov, EK, Suzev NA, Balakirev BA, Kalshabekova EN, Kopzhasarov BT, etc.).
Scientific work
        At the department conducted research projects in the following priority areas:
        1) Improvement of the technology and properties of efficient products and designs from porous concrete according to the latest cutting technology.
        2) Use of raw materials of South Kazakhstan region for road concrete
        3) Investigation of local raw materials and industrial waste for the development of new production technology of finishing and wall building materials in Kazakhstan
        4) Improving the technology of concrete and concrete products (heavy, hydraulic engineering, road and airport), based on local raw materials, taking into account climatic and operational features.
        The scientific work of the department are actively involved students doing research in student scientific circles under the direction of the leading candidates and doctors of science.

     Postgraduate students of the group MP16-3p2 names are Zhumat Lyazzat, Abilda Shnar, Lessova Uldana currently studying Hemnickom technical university (Germany) with the program external academic mobility in «Chemical engineering»!

        Achieved level of scientific and pedagogical potential of the Department will open a master's and doctoral training highly qualified specialists in the specialty Graduate 6M073000 - Production of building materials, products and designs, Doctorate Phd degree 6D073000 - Production of building materials, products and designs.
        Scientific development department allow us to solve several problems of perfection of technology of precast concrete and building materials using local raw materials, byproducts of various industries.
        At the department developed in full all the methodological literature, created a rich material and technical base for training and research, experimental and laboratory work.
        In connection with the rate and volume of construction in Kazakhstan in accordance with the state housing program, this specialty is ostrodefitsitnoy, demanded and paid.
        For applicants have signed a contract with the department's intention to enter this profession organizes free training courses.
        Department training is conducted on all forms of learning and constantly improving technology education in the budget (applicants who received the highest scores on the test results, provided grants) and a commercial basis. In parallel with the training it is possible to get the officer's rank.
Specialty certified.
Specialty - 5V073000
"Production of building materials, components and structures"
        Graduates should be prepared for a career in design, construction, reconstruction and operation of enterprises producing construction materials, products and designs.
Qualifications: Bachelor of building materials, components and structures
Places of graduates:
Engineer, producer of works - at factories producing building materials, products and designs, construction and maintenance organizations;
engineer in designing organizations and entities;
Research Fellow - a research organization and structure;
Head of municipal infrastructure;
teacher - in the educational institutions of vocational training;\
the administrative authorities - to decide the issues of licensing and certification of enterprises of building materials and products;
Course duration:
full-time - 4 years;
correspondence department - 5 years;
Short distance learning-3 years;
Distance accelerated learning - 2 years;
Graduate - 2 years;
PhD - 3 years.
        During training, students can undergo military training and to obtain an officer rank.
        Awarded the qualification "Bachelor of production of building materials, products and kosntruktsy" and the state diploma.
Opportunities for continuing education:
        Graduates who successfully mastered the educational programs of higher education are prepared to learn:
a) a master's direction 6M073000 - Production of building materials, components and structures "
b) in the direction of doctoral 6D073000 - Production of building materials, products and designs.
The students' internship


        The students1 internship are carried out on the basis of the preliminary concluded contracts with following  state enterprises
«BekRA»  LLC (The limited liability company) Shimkent city
«Tur Ahmet and K» LLC (The limited liability company) Shimkent city
«Shimkentgilstroi» IBA OYSC (Industrial-building association Open joint-stock company) Shimkent city
«Stroidetal» LLC (The limited liability company) Aktobe city
«Zavod GBI-25» («Factory of  ICP-25», ICP- Iron-concrete products) LLC (The limited liability company) Aktobe city