Faculty news


"Shamshi keshteri"

      On October 18, 2017 in 122 auditoriums of the building "B" at 10.00 there was a literary and musical evening "Shamshi keshteri" dedicated to the work of the composer Shamshi Kaldayakov, in which students of the faculties of "Construction and transport", "Light and food industry" and the college SKSU them. M. Auezov...


    On February, 24, 2017 in the lobby of the Main corps in 11: 00 the festive event of university scale of "Масленица-2017", students and teachers of all faculties took part in that, took place. The faculty of "Building and transport" took the 2th Honoured prize place among faculties...

Среди ППС факультета «троительство и транспорт» проведено обсуждение

27.01.17 г. в 1430  среди ППС факультета «троительство и транспорт» проведено обсуждение обращения к народу президента Казахстана Н.А Назарбаева  «Полномочный заново делить звучать согласно вопросу президент КР пунктов власти Назарбаева обсуждать»...

«Жастардың діни сауаттылығы»

    On the 18th of November, 2016 in the hostel No. 4 our department hold a meeting with Bekturganov Abzal Torekhanovich - the expert-theologian of "The center of the social beginnings" administration of the internal policy and religious affairs of SKO on the theme: "Жастардың діни сауаттылығы" (Religious litaracy of the youth) there also the the head of the "Transport, Organization of Transportations and Traffic" chair, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor U. A. Usipbayev, the associate dean of "Building and Transport" faculty B.A.Omarov and the students living in the hostel took part.